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 +====== SharePoint ======
 +===== Integrace Office Web Apps =====
 +Prerequisites :
 +  * Microsoft Server 2008 R2
 +  * Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
 +  * Microsoft Office Web Apps.
 +Assuming you have installed all the above products successfully,​ Just follow the steps as below :
 +Configuring the Office Web Apps Services :
 +Go to **Central Administration > Click on Manage Service Application**.
 +All the menus are not displayed in ribbon Menu format which was first introduced in Office 2007. **Click on New > Word Viewing Services** ( You can choose PowerPoint or Excel also, steps are same ). This will open a pop window.
 +Adding Services for Office Web Apps
 +Give a Proper Name which can have your companies or project name.
 +Under Application Pool select : SharePoint Web Services Default.
 +Next keep the check box checked which says : Add this service application’s proxy to the farm’s default proxy list. 
 +Click Ok
 +Adding Word Viewer as Service Application
 +Office Web Apps as Services in Sharepoint 2010
 +This will install all the Office Web App services required. You can see the name as you gave in the above step.
 +Activate Office Web Apps in Site Collection.
 +Once the services are ready, to enable Office Web Apps you will have to activate it to use it.
 +Go to the site for which you want to activate this feature.
 +Click on **Site Action > Site Settings > Site Collection Administrator > Site Collection Features
 +Activate Office Web Apps**.
 +Activate Office Web Apps Feature in Site Collection
 +How to make sure Office Web Apps is working for your site collection ?
 +Locate any office document you have and click on the smart menu which appears when you hover your mouse on it. Don’t double-click as this will launch the document in Office Client if its installed. This feature can be changed.
 +If you see View or Edit in Browser as menu item, your Office Web Apps is configured correctly.
 +viz: [[http://​​blogs/​how-to-enable-office-web-apps-on-sharepoint-2010/​]]
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