Hyper-V Role

RPC server unavailable chyby apod

Changing this setting is NOT necessary for remote management in a domain environment, but it is in a workgroup environment

I was trying to connect from primary test box to my hyperv core test box via the Hyper-V MMC management tools, I kept getting „Access denied. Unable to establish communication between Client and Server“.

From the command prompt of your ‘Client’ can do this by typing: „DCOMCNFG“ in the run-command in Windows.

  1. Browse trough to: „Component Services → Computers → My Computer“.
  2. Open Properties for „My Computer“ and select the COM Security tab.
  3. In „Access Permissions“ area click the “Edit Limits”-button.
  4. Select the “Anonymous Logon”-group and make sure the “Remote Access” is set to Allowed.

Now you client tools should connect successfully to the servers Hyper-V management.

Tenhle článek http://blogs.technet.com/b/jhoward/archive/2008/08/07/hyper-v-why-does-hyper-v-manager-not-always-work-over-vpn-connection-access-denied-or-rpc-server-unavailable-errors.aspx to popisuje detailněji a ukazuje jak to provést i přes PPTP apod.

Instalace na Server Core edici

zjistit seznam aktualizací

wmic qfe list

instalace Hyper-V role

start /w ocsetup Microsoft-Hyper-V

přidání lokálního admina pro vzdálenou správu

net user <username> * /add
net localgroup administrators /add <user>

nebo jde využít

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