Integrace Trac

Visual Studio

integraci řeší plugin Trac Explorer

potřebuje aby na Trac serveru byl XML-RPC plugin

Zprovoznění s VS 2010

  1. Install Visual Studio 2010 Beta2.
  2. Install TracExplorer though it supports VS 2005 or Vs 2008.
  3. Go to the following location „C:\Program Files\TracExplorer\bin“

and open TracExplorer.VSTrac.AddIn in a notepad.

  1. přidat
    		<Name>Microsoft Visual Studio</Name>
  2. Save it and close it. If it is not allowing to save it, then copy

the TracExplorer.VSTrac.AddIn on desktop open it in a notepad and do the changes as written in step four. Save it and replace the existing TracExplorer.VSTrac.AddIn in „C:\Program Files\TracExplorer\bin“ folder with the modified one.

  1. Now open Visual Studio 2010
  2. Click on Tools→ Options, Options window will open.
  3. Expand Environment and click Add-in/Macros Security.
  4. Click Add button and navigate to the path
    "C:\Program Files 

    and click Ok.

  5. Click on Tools→ Add-in Manager and check TracExplorer.VSTrac is

selected under Available Add-ins.

  1. restartovat Visual Studio
  2. Verify the TracExplorer is visible by clicking View→

TracExplorer. viz

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