Windows PE

Vložení ovladačů síťovky

  • Ensure that the Ethernet cable is connected.
  • Boot the system to a WinPE command console (eg from a Windows Vista RM Recovery DVD).
  • Type IPCONFIG in the command console window. If no IP addresses are listed then you do not have a functioning network driver.
  • Obtain the correct network Windows Vista driver files and copy them to a USB flash memory device. Typically this will be a set of .INF, .SYS and .DLL and .CAT files (DRVLOAD requires CAT file(s)). Tip: Do NOT modify the .INF file(s) or they will fail to install as they are checksummed.
  • Change to the drive letter of the flash memory drive by typing the drive letter and a semi-colon (eg type F: and click enter).
  • Type dir *.inf to list the INF files that you previously copied to the flash memory drive.
  • Test the first INF file by typing DRVLOAD xxxxx.INF (where xxxx.INF is the first INF file listed).
  • DRVLOAD should report that the driver has loaded successfully; if not go to step 5 and pick the next INF file.

If you receive an 'unable to load' error (eg Error 0x80070002), check you have included all .sys and .dll files in the same folder.

  • Type NETCFG -WINPE to install the WinPE network stack.
  • Type IPCONFIG. If the command lists the IP addresses for your network you have found the correct driver. If no IP addresses are listed, go to step 6 and try another driver.
  • (Optional) Type NETCFG -WINPE again (sometimes not required), now use the following command to connect to another computer using net use.
NET   USE   \\mydomain\sharedfolder\    /U:mydomain/myusername     "mypassword"


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